Samaria Gorge in Yunani

Chasm is not always sinister. On the island of Crete, Greece are named Samaria Gorge National Park that has beautiful ravines. Travelers can explore the base ravine and enjoy the charming natural beauty!

From site Explore Crete, Samaria Gorge is the longest gorge in Europe with a length of 18 kilometers. Traveler favorite activities here is the basic down ravine and drugged by the landscape like a natural painting and pretty. Not only that, you also can find a variety of animals and plants here.

You can explore the forests of pine and fir trees for exploring Samara Gorge. There are houses Samaria and antelope are typical here. Exploring the Samaria Gorge, as takes you to a different world. Fresh air, lush green forests, and courteously Samaritan community are able to make you fall in love!

The village of Samariá lies just inside the gorge. It was finally abandoned by the last remaining inhabitants in 1962 to make way for the park. The village and the gorge take their names from the village's ancient church, Óssia María.

Local tourist operators provide organized tours to the Gorge. These include bus transportation from one's hotel to the entrance (near Omalos village), and a bus connection that will be waiting for hikers after they disembark the ferry in Sfakia (Chora Sfakion). If you are on your own, you can make a one-day round trip from Chania (see below) or from Sougia or Paleochora. Note that the morning buses from Sougia and Paleochora do not operate on Sunday.

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